Sofa Cama Monaco


Our Monaco Sofa is one of the favorites within the brand, Mois allows you to play with it to organize it in the way that best suits your space. From being a bed, to an L-shaped living room, to having storage, it is definitely a model that will get you out of trouble and mold to the different situations of your day-to-day life.



• Model: 008
• Dimensions:
Closed Height 36” x Width 86” X Depth 58”
Open Height 36” x Width 86” X Depth 71”
• Puff Dimension: Height 18” X Width 43.5” x Depth 24”
• Material: Fabric
Style: Modern

Fabric and colours

Cuerina gris 05, Cuerina Mocca 06, Lino Metalizado, Lino ZG 02, Lino ZG 16, Lino ZG Mois, Lino ZG Riana


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